Electronic Kids Praying Mat Educational Salah Rug 100x60cm

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  • Emily Johnson


    I recently purchased the Electronic Kids Praying Mat from YallaBuyIt, and I couldn't be happier. This mat has made learning about Salah (prayer) an engaging and enjoyable experience for my children. The educational features on the mat are fantastic. It teaches kids how to perform the various steps of prayer in a simple and interactive way. The colorful design and illustrations keep my kids engaged and excited to learn. It's a wonderful tool for instilling the importance of prayer in them from a young age. The electronic aspect of the mat is a big hit in my household. The voice-guided instructions make it easy for my kids to follow along, and they love hearing the beautiful recitation of the Quranic verses. It's like having a mini prayer teacher at home. Not only is this mat educational, but it also encourages a sense of discipline and routine in my children's daily lives. It's a win-win for parents like me who want to make learning about faith enjoyable. I highly recommend the Electronic Kids Praying Mat to all parents who want to make Salah education a fun and interactive experience for their little ones. It's a fantastic addition to any Muslim home.

  • Daniel Rodriguez


    I couldn't be happier with the Electronic Kids Praying Mat! It's been an incredible addition to our home. My kids absolutely love it, and as a parent, I appreciate the educational value it brings to their Salah practice. The interactive design and captivating LED lights have made learning more enjoyable for them. Plus, it's so convenient to take with us when we travel. YallaBuyIt has truly delivered a fantastic product that blends fun and spirituality seamlessly. Highly recommended!

  • Sarah Patel


    This prayer mat is a game-changer for kids. The interactive design is not only engaging but also educational. It's made learning about Salah (prayer) so much more enjoyable for my child. The LED lights and vibrant colors capture their attention, making the whole process fun and captivating. The quality is top-notch, and it's just the right size for my little one. Plus, it's portable, so we can take it with us wherever we go. Overall, it's been a fantastic addition to our home. My child looks forward to prayer time, and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. YallaBuyIt has truly made learning easy and enjoyable.

Elevate Your Child's Learning with Our Electronic Kids Educational Prayer Mat!

Introducing the Electronic Kids Educational Prayer Mat, a blend of interactive learning and spiritual growth for your little ones.

About this Item:
✨ Interactive & Engaging Design
✨ Deepen Understanding of Islamic Prayer
✨ Premium Quality for Durability
✨ Portable for On-the-Go Learning
✨ Captivating and Educational

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